For announcements about upcoming genomics workshops at Arizona State University, please join our google group:!forum/asu_genomics

ASU genomics is organized and managed by Melissa Wilson Sayres. To volunteer to run a session (1hr, 2hr, half-day or whole-day), please email: melissa.wilsonsayres at asu dot edu.

For people interested in getting started with bioinformatics, here's what we recommend:

Upcoming workshops: 

Snakemake tutorial


Past workshops and notes: 

Nov 2016: Protein analysis (Daren Thifualt - Slides and Paper; 11 participants)
Nov 2016: Design and Analysis of Amplicon Sequencing for Targeted Multiplexed Genotyping (Shanshan Yang - WebCast; 12 participants)
Nov 2016: Reference-based genome assembly (Tim Webster - GitHub; 8 participants)
Nov 2016: An introduction to using R (Rick Simpson - Zip File of Notes; 13 participants)
Oct 2016: Uncertainty & Sensitivity Analysis (Anuj Mubayi, Dheeraj Lokam - Slides, GitHub; 9 participants) 
Sep 2016: Simple Shell Scripting (Jeremy Mills and Melissa Wilson Sayres - Slides, Example Scripts, and Command Cheat Sheet; 23 participants)
Sep 2016: Interacting with the cluster:  SSH/SFTP, SLURM batch scripts (Darren Thifault - Slides and Commands; 23 participants)
Aug 2016: R for Reproducible Molecular Evolution (David Winter - Notes; 20 particpants)
May 2016: De Novo Genome Assembly Using Next Generation Sequence Data (Marc Tollis - Slides; 45 participants)
May 2016: CoGe workshop (Eric Lyons and Blake Joyce - Slides and Notes; 35 participants)
March 2016: Awk tutorial (Maria Nieves Colon - GitHub; 34 participants)
February 2016: Introduction to Command Line (Melissa Wilson Sayres - Codecademy; 15 participants)
January 2016: The Galaxy Project - (Anton Nekrutenko - Agenda; 48 participants) 
January 2016: Python bootcamp (Wilson Sayres lab; 15 participants)

Past Courses:

Fall 2016

BIO 598: Computing for Research (1 credit option to participate in all, or register individually).
This is a series of two-hour hands-on workshops: 

August 29 - Introduction to Supercomputing at ASU, Melissa Wilson Sayres
September 12 - Interacting with the cluster:  SSH/SFTP, SLURM batch scripts, Darren Thifault

September 26 - Useful Shell Scripting, Jeremy Mills & Melissa Wilson Sayres
October 24 - Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis, Anuj Mubayi

November 7 - Designing and implementing a pipeline for reference-based genome assembly, Tim Webster
November 21 - Protein analysis, Daren Thifualt
December 5 - Stochastic modeling and simulations, Lokam Dheeraj

BIO 591: Research Computing Brown Bag (1 credit option to participate in all, or register individually)
This is a series of one hour discussion-based seminars over lunch on different research computing topics.

September 9 – Welcome to Research Computing, Host: Melissa Wilson Sayres
September 16 – Shell scripting, Host: Jeremy Mills
September 23 – Accessing the cluster, Host: Darren Thifault

September 30 – User Feedback: Training needs, Outreach, Communications Host: Marisa Brazil
October 7 – Decision Theatre Network, Host: Jon Miller
October 14 – What does Research Computing offer? Host: Brandon Mikkelsen
October 21 – Types of protein analysis, Host: Darren Thifault

October 28 – Finance and HPC, Host: Geoff Smith
November 4 – Genomics and HPC, Host: Tim Webster
November 11 –  Veteran’s Day – No Brown bag
November 18 – Research Computing across ASU, Host: Brandon Mikkelsen
November 25 –  Thanksgiving Break – No brown bag
December 2 – Informatics funding, Host: OKED representative