Dr. Melissa Wilson Sayres is an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences and the Center for Evolution and Medicine in The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. 

What we study: Our main research interests are in sex chromosome evolution, sex-biased processes, population genetics, and comparative genomics. See more about our research interests here.

Lab mission: Our lab mission is to develop and test hypotheses in an environment that facilitates discussion and gives voice to each lab member. "I don't know," is a powerful and useful statement. 

School of Life Sciences
462 Life Sciences Building C (LSC)
Phone: (480) 727-6366
Lab Phone: (480) 965-3697
Email: melissa.wilsonsayres@asu.edu
Twitter: @mwilsonsayres 

More Online:  
ResearchGate: published papers
Google Scholar: publications
FigShare: posters and presentations
Publons: peer reviews